Investigating Rivers

"Investigating Rivers" A teaching resource for KS2

This is a straightforward resource about rivers and how they work, which was designed as part of the longer resource "What's Challenging the Parrett" (see also on this site) It should be used before the main resource to teach some basic vocabulary and understanding.

Like the longer resource, it was written by the River Parrett Catchment Project, which no longer exists. The PCP was taken over by the Somerset Water Management Project in 2008, but their education resources are no longer on their websites. So download now and keep as a resource in school!

There are quite a few sections, of which these are the essential ones:

Introduction and Scheme of Work - Click HERE
The water cycle - Click HERE
How rivers work - Click HERE
Features of the Parrett catchment rivers - Click HERE
Teachers notes - Click HERE

There are also some extra sections, e.g. an activity called "How high is our rainfall", a wordsearch and a crossword etc., but it takes a while to upload things, so if you would like these, please mail me (Sam) on